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On Catherine’s 45th birthday, she received the name Rubybear in a meditation.  She knew it was related to her totem animal, BEAR, and what her learning was to be for the second half of her life.  Since then she has been learning her RUBYBEAR medicine, which relates to matters of the heart: speaking heart truth, being strong within oneself, receiving the sweetness of life, feeling compassion for all the earth’s beings and, the latest theme, LIVING LARGE with an open heart.  




Rubybear Retreats for Women:  Need to have space in your life to let go, focus within, rediscover or expand your life’s intentions, then this experience could be helpful for you.  The setting is in southwestern New Mexico in a small town of 6,700 called Truth or Consequences (TorC).  TorC is blessed with healing hot springs, warmer weather than the Northeast, and an abundance of healthcare professionals and artists.  My home would be your base with a private bedroom and bath, use of the kitchen and living space as well as use of the 1200 square foot studio for expressive arts (movement, painting, writing, etc.).  Your stay would include daily check ins/consultations with me regarding the intentions for your visit.  I would also help you arrange appointments for body work, massage, cranial sacral treatment, Reiki, astrological consultation, or yoga classes.  Of course, I would help you choose among the many indoor and outdoor public/private pools where the hot water is piped in directly for your bathing comfort.  


My intent is to make retreats affordable, relaxing and meaningful.  This type of retreat is not for those who want to be simply pampered.  It is a retreat for those who wish to reclaim or discover some lost or unrealized aspects of self.  I have found in my psychotherapy practice that weekly meetings are often not enough for a person to make a concerted effort in changing one’s life. As I have found for myself, time away just to focus on me is extremely rewarding.  Retreats can be scheduled all year long at a time that would suit you and me.  A phone or in person interview (if convenient) would be required before a retreat is scheduled.   


An individual, five day retreat (four nights) would cost $500 and include accommodations, daily consultations with me and help scheduling of appointments with local practitioners if desired.  If you choose to share your retreat with a partner or friend, then the total cost for two would be $750.  Extending the retreat for longer periods of time would be prorated according to the pricing.  For larger group retreats, the studio space is available for a fee and I could help arrange sleeping accommodations nearby.


These fees do not include transportation to TorC, meals or treatments/classes with local healthcare professionals.  Besides retreats, I will be doing workshops with other professionals that will be offered at different times during the year.  If interested in a retreat or to be notified about workshops, please call 203-453-5091 or email me at ctcl@comcast.net.


Catherine Nogas Steinberg (Rubybear) is a psychotherapist and artist and has been in practice for over thirty years.  She leads workshops and retreats for women that utilize her psychotherapy and expressive arts background.  Catherine resides and works in Guilford, CT and Truth or Consequences, NM.  She can be reached at 203-453-5091 or email at ctcl@comcast.net.






Shamanic Basics with Catherine N. Steinberg, on the Healthy Living Show with Dr. Cathy Lomartra






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