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Artist's Statement:

Color and Light

In the past I have worked with a variety of media: drawing, pen and ink, and sculpture. The absence of color and light in these media drew me to painting.  I have been painting for the past twenty years and consider it to be my meditation and therapy.  I paint mostly with oils, but also use acrylics and inks as well. 

I start the painting process with an idea of color(s) and sometimes form that comes to me through a dream or vision.  Using my intuitive process, I begin to work with those colors and forms on a canvas allowing my creative energies to spontaneously emerge.  Once that energy manifests itself onto the canvas, I use my artistic training to develop the painting further.  If one wanted to categorize my work, it could be labeled as nonobjective abstraction. 

The use of color and light is transformative and healing.   Light and energy vibrations from colors and shapes can help change moods, alter self limiting perceptions and open psyches to change and growth.  Creating or just experiencing various colors and their combinations can bring balance and joy. 

Catherine Steinberg is a psychotherapist and artist in Guilford.  She is a participating artist in the Shoreline Arts Trail and her studio is open by appointment.








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