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Catherine Nogas-Steinberg, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 35 years of experience with individuals, couples, families and groups.  Her treatment with clients tends to be relatively brief, with creative solutions to identified issues.  She combines training in family systems models and gestalt therapy with elements from alternative disciplines to help the person achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit which promotes a healthy, satisfying relationship with oneself as well as others.   

Catherine is a shamanic practitioner and does journey work and soul retrievals with individuals and groups.  She has combined shamanism and her approach to expressive arts in leading shamanic painting workshops.

Catherine has also worked with Yale University as an educator, clinician and/or supervisor on various projects such as Stress Management in the Workplace, Parent Effectiveness Training, Decision Making with Adolescents, and Motivational Interviewing with Alcoholics.  The skills and strategies learned in these areas are utilized in her psychotherapy and workshops.  

Her primary interest has been in empowering women to become the person they aspire to be.  The workshops and retreats were developed to help women find space in their lives to be with themselves without external restraints and limitations.  Women can then become centered and present to themselves, listening to their dreams and heartís desires.  Inner resources are discovered or rediscovered.  Women may then return to their busy, caretaking lives nurtured, nourished and recharged. 

What nourishes Catherineís soul is her art and adventure.  She has been an artist since early childhood and finds self expression to be her meditation and source of renewal.  Travel to sacred sites and natural places of beauty have become sources of inspiration to her.  Sharing these journeys with like-minded companions intensifies the experiences of mystery, beauty and oneness.

RUBEEíS CONSTELLATION OF HEALING PRACTITIONERS was formed by Catherine/Rubee and a group of like-minded women to address the needs of the whole person-which have not been adequately met by traditional methods and outdated institutions.  The Constellation is a website that connects potential clients with practitioners who can help with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational needs.  Only trusted practitioners are invited to participate, who can consult with each other to offer clients an integrative treatment plan.  Practitioners also collaborate to offer workshops and retreats.  

To learn more about the Constellation, go to rubeesconstellation.com. Here's the latest press release.

Catherine lives with her husband Marvin, a clinical psychologist, in Guilford, CT.  She has a son, Aaron, who is a musician and lives in Brooklyn, NY.




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