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Each of the workshops below will incorporate aspects of earth-based spirituality.  The core belief is that nature is our greatest healer if we can tune into her natural rhythms and cycles, using the elements of earth, air, fire, and water to guide us along the way.  We will meet in circle and maintain rules of confidentiality, respecting each otherís voice and way of being.  There will be supportive, structured activities such as meditative movement, journal writing, drumming and art play which will ground one in the body and open up natural creative flow and perceptions.  Adventures into the outdoor environment will also be included. 

Some of the workshops will be advertised at specific times of the year or specific places (see Activity Calendar).  Any of these retreats or workshops can be personally tailored to meet the needs of your specific group.  To arrange this, contact Catherine at 203-623-1472 or ctcl@comcast.net. 

Remembering Who We Are:
 sorting through the clutter of our minds to our essence and finding ways to experience our divinity and joyful hearts.  This is a useful workshop for women who lead busy lives, wear multiple hats or spend most of their time caretaking others.  The focus will be on learning ways to reenergize and stay present to oneself.



Creative Partnership: exploring ways to receive ongoing support from others as we manifest our dreams and visions.   This model was developed with Wendy Sager-Evanson, who is co-leader of the workshop.  The intention is to develop a relationship with someone that will continue over time to support specific goals and outcomes.


Shamanic Painting: expressing inner images, words, emotions, and sensory experiences with paint on canvas after taking a shamanic journey.  This consists of listening to a specific drumbeat and allowing oneself to be in a dream-like state.  There will be exercises to begin the process and time for writing and group process.


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